About Real Talk Media

Real to Real Media is being built with the collaborative efforts of some of the most talented online content producers around the country. Real to Real’s main focus is to always be thorough and factual.

In a world where salacious sensationalism gets the fastest viewers, likers, and subscribers, Real to Real seeks integrity over ignorance. 

Fighting the good fight isn’t enough anymore, so Real to Real will more often than not find itself fighting the good fight, the bad fight, and the ugly fight for the betterment of the most marginalized faction of people in this country… Black Americans! Controlling our own narrative is often made difficult due to the mainstream media’s systemic profiling of Black Americans, and that’s where Real to Real steps in. As a Black owned media platform, Real to Real looks to dispel the crabs in a barrel myth regarding our brethren. With an infinite amount of Cyberspace, there’s enough room for all of us to dwell in this vital territory, as well as work together to fight white supremacy and racism on our road to restorative justice. 

Any content creators who have malice in their hearts towards the Black collective must understand that Real to Real will instantly view that type of behavior as detrimental, and it will be considered enough for us to publicly disengage. We ask that you be patient with us as we are in the midst of completing our RtR audio and digital video studios.

Thank you for being Real to Real with us!