The Black Watch 100% unapologetically promotes the Black collective. The Black Watch’s main ideology lives within specific principles of redress and restorative justice for American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS) and American Descendants of Freedmen (ADOF) and although we may not always agree with everyone who is fighting for the same justice claim, you’ll never hear us defame, or degrade any of our brothers and sisters in the struggle seeking reparative justice. On the flip side of that, don’t get it tangled out here and think we’re gonna be your whipping post either… 

This ain’t the 60’s… WE FIGHT BACK!

The Black Watch’s mission is not to be famous on any other social media platform; we’re just using this modern day soap box, ladder, and virtual street corner like everyone else. Our goal is to also bring awareness, enlightenment, and strength to the Black collective, extinguish white supremacy and be a consistent voice for recompense. As a bottom caste faction of people, we can no longer waste our time hoping that systemic powers are going to do right by us. The time has come for us to align, and govern ourselves judiciously, or just continue to be lost carnage on the soil our ancestors built for free.

With that being said, we know that everyone Black isn’t going to join us, or any other move for the betterment of our people, so we mustn’t waste any more time with those individuals. Our energies must be laser beamed towards collective uplift, and those who are not will fall victim to singular lowering!

One Luv!